Home is where your heart is

Home is where your heart is

Are you moving?


Yep. And I love it.

To a lot of people moving house is tolerated. To some people they will tell you it is more like sticking pins in their eyes. They would just rather not!

For reasons that I am fully aware of I absolutely love moving house. I can live in a home, call it my home, be happy there but if need be get up and leave with just a moments notice. I don’t often clutter my belongings. Bare minimal. Keep it simple. To some people too simple. Let me tell you though I do have the thousand and one toys that are mandatory for any one with a three year old LIttle Miss Busy.

I love clearing, packing, sorting and throwing out all the clutter or unused items that are accumulated over time. When I throw things away or give them to those who need them more than I do, I just feel amazing. I feel light. I feel relieved. I have no problem with this. I do this constantly. Some would say that I give so much away and ask what have I got left? Having spent time travelling in years gone by I know just how little possessions you actually need to survive, thrive and be happy.

I also know that I am one of those annoying people that you had to keep updating the address and phone number for in years gone by (thank God for mobile phone numbers now that never change and social media of which you do not need a fixed address)

I have moved too many times to count from a young girl to the present day. My history. My story. It is one of the reasons I am who I am today.

A. Strong. Independent. Woman

But I know it goes a lot deeper for me. As I have never lived in a house for too long I have therefore never experienced the feeling of stability it provides. I do not know and I do not need it. Because I know that the feeling of home is within me. The stability needs to be within me. Not within and confined to the walls of a house. Or even within a relationship. But that is for another time, another blog.

For all that know me personally know that my last few moves have been to and then around the same town. Some would say that is an achievement right there! Staying in the same post code! It doesn’t bother me too much. It is after all just geography. And I am happy here.

Home is within me.

Home is where my heart is.

Find yourself. Find what makes your heart and soul complete and content. Find your strength within. And you can’t go wrong.

Moving right along……..xxxxxx




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