Is Yoga your cup of tea??

Is Yoga your cup of tea??

Yoga is whatever you want it to be.

Focusing on the breath.

Taking that quiet moment to just be.

To just breathe.

I quite often have people ask me about my yoga practice. And to be honest I never give the same answer twice.

My practice is whatever it needs to be. On that particular day. During that week. That month. That year. It is what it is.

Some days I practice fully for an hour or so….breathing, postures, relaxation and meditation.

Some days I practice for 5 minutes.

Some days I practice for 30 minutes and so it goes…

I may only do Salute to the Sun for a few rounds. Or maybe it is just child’s pose. This could be the extent of my practice for that day.

I never judge.

I never feel guilty.

I never criticise myself.

Occasionally I may compare myself to others. Imagining what I would be like if my practice was structured, disciplined, perfect.

Then I let these comparisons go.

And I come back to reality.

My reality.

Of having a toddler and a teenager.

Of working and running a household.

Of trying to find the time in my day to do all of the things I wish I had more time for. This includes my yoga practice.

So I am at peace with this. My yoga practice is what it is.

So back to child’s pose I go. And I smile. This is my practice. It may not be perfect. But it is all mine.

I teach this way.

Be who you are.

Be right where you are.

Make your practice a joy not a chore.

Seriously, if you can only find 5 minutes in your day to practice that is completely ok! Don’t think this is not enough. If this is all you can fit in then it is what it is and it is your practice and it is fantastic.

I read an article about making your morning cup of tea your yoga practice if need be. If you can breathe you can do yoga. I fully agree.

When you rise in the morning rise with love in your heart and happiness on your mind. Put the kettle on and keep this open heart and mind as your water boils and you make that tea.

Be fully present.

In that moment.

If you can sit down with your cup of tea before you turn on any ‘technology’ – televisions, computers, laptops, ipads, ipods or iphones. Resist the temptation to check your emails or social media right now. Use this time wisely.

Maybe look outside at the beginning of a new day.

Focus purely on this moment.

Your cup of tea.

Your breath.

The gentle rise and fall of your chest.

The new day.

And the blessing of being alive.

In this moment.

This is life.

This is yoga.

This is your yoga.


8 Responses to Is Yoga your cup of tea??

  1. What a refreshing perspective Fiona. I used to feel guilt over all the things I didn’t do, including daily sunrise hour long yoga practice. But I realized that the only particular practice that is ideal, is the one that suits you and suits your life – and for me (like you) that means it’s different all the time. Thanks for your gorgeous words xx

    • Oh Jacqi thank you for your comment and your gorgeous words! Here’s to a happy – stress and guilt free – home practice xxx

  2. This has made me stop and think Fiona. I always sit down with my iPad and my cuppa and read the morning news, all the doom and gloom going on in the world. You’ve now made such a refreshing start to my day now. Thank you.

    • Im happy that this has changed the way you may start your day now Helen. Just by taking that time out for you before it all begins ie. world and local news, social media, emails, text messages, phone calls….you can change your whole day. Good luck and thanks so much for taking time to comment x

  3. I will try to work on my practice (my work) like that from now on! And I know we should know this but it’s nice to be reminded so keep up this great work/blog. Lovely blog, look forward to the next one xoxox0

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