My girl LollyPop

My girl LollyPop

 Ok…. so I have a short meditation story. Just for you. And it includes LOLLY POPS!!!!!

And sunshine!!!

And lots of laughing!!!

Walking with my daughter Lila Grace just the other day. We decided to detour to the park first as we do!!

I have to confess I am a mumma who used to DESPISE the park!!! It sounds awful, but I used to find the park boring and monotonous (I also confess I had to look up how to spell said word!!)

I would rather watch grass grow or my favourite saying ‘stick pins in my eyes’ – even though this would be very unpleasant!!

I would do anything to get out of it, busy, not well, busy, dog ate my homework, busy – just to assure that her visit to the park was with other lucky family members ensuring happiness all round.

However something changed. A while ago. I started to cave in to the requests ‘Mum lets go to the park’ ‘Please mum’

And I started to meditate while at the park. Not chanting, not eyes closed, not emptying mind. Rather I was completely filling my mind and my senses with what was happening right in front of me. Nothing else mattered in that moment.

This unbelievable experience is called Zen.

And it has changed my life.

Focusing completely on the now. The moment in your life that you are currently experiencing. This moment!!!!

Watching Lila fully and completely. On the swing. On the slide. On the horse(y!!) and Wizzy Dizzy. Running. Laughing. Chatting. Full of Life. And experiencing life through her eyes. Happiness in it’s complete form.

Fast forward to our walk then to the corner shop (yes we still have a corner shop!) to buy milk. Request now from Lila for ‘something special’ which is code for I want chocolate. Or lollies. Or icecream. Or any other sugary delicacy.

I decided a lolly pop will be the delicacy of the day. Actually spur of the moment, I bought two. One for Lila and one for myself.

Why? Why Not!!!!!!

And let me tell you. That lolly pop was sweet, and delicious, and we walked home eating our lolly pops, talking, laughing. And it was the most gorgeous experience of Zen meditation I have had in a long time.

Being in the moment.

If that means a lolly pop or fairy floss or cup cake or chocolate bar- why not!!! Why the hell not!!!

Enjoy your life. Live one day to the next. And be happy.

Lolly pop you make my heart go giddy up



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